July 28, 2021

Approximately 400km away from earth, orbiting up in the outer space the ISS also known as International Space Station circles the Earth roughly 93 minutes completing about 15 orbits per day. 

Above image is of the one the structure of the ISS which is the exterior of Cupola. With the shutters open enable the astronauts on board the view of Earth. 


The astronaut up at the International Space station expressing how is it like to view Earth from the Cupola Module window.

It's night when it's illuminated by star light and moon light that they really see the fascinating view of these beautiful twinkly city lights. Representing the human sprawl, which is incredibly beautiful from outer space. 


The look of WORLD LIGHT in a living room when switch on. 

So the close up view of the WORLD LIGHT dots represents the existence of life in this world.  

So WORLD LIGHT is  an inspiration and a tribute to the astronaut viewing Earth from all the way up from the International Space station.

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