The Heart Beat of London

The Heart Beat of London

July 10, 2019

My trip to London wouldn't be complete without visiting the majestic Big Ben. It's funny how I like to associate a building or landmark with a particular city & each time I see Big Ben it reminds me of LONDON.

I remembered the time I walked past from Westminster bridge & looking up at the 96 meter tall ancient clockwork's illuminated clock face and fascinated by the Victorian engineering that got the clock ticking since 1859 and this world most famous clock has always been the heart beat of London. 
Looking at the clock tower has this nostalgic attachment makes you feel that you are in some 60s movie. But the icing on the cake was when I heard the Westminster chimes from the great clock.

So now I need not to worry that I missed the memorable moments from my London trip cause I have London City right in the comforts of my home & each time I look at NITELanding Lamp it reminds me of the fond memories I had with my family at Big Ben.

What's your favourite London moment?
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