December 07, 2019

We have several new updates and wanted to share what has been going on for our NITELANDING’s production progress. We’ve been working closely with our manufacturing partners in the past few weeks & we’re slightly behind on our first tier shipments but our team is working hard with our factory to ensure a quick production while maintaining the best product quality for our backers.

Our Frame construction is ready for assembly!

We’ve got our eyes feast on for the first time looking at the finalize finish frame that’s ready for assembly.

We’re impressed with the outcome of the mass scale production, witnessing beautiful details and clean seamless non-visible parting line finishing.

Ongoing production – City Map Art

We’ve been refining our details map artwork a few times until it looks perfect in our eyes. The city map fabrication turns out to be great and all thanks to the state of the art high precision manufacturing technique and machinery. Due to the nature of the city map’s intricate details, the production team requires long production hours to complete this fabrication.  This process consumes the most in the entire production process.

Packaging box – Internal structure fitting

Our double fold packaging has been designed with an internal detail structure. We also tested the fitting of the internal accessories compartment box together with the absorbent foam wrap around the NITELANDING mainframe. These thick foam layers will ensure maximum cushioning & protection during transportation.

Next step - Quality Assurance & Product testing

Product quality is always our priority. We underwent an external quality & safety assessment to deliver to you the finest quality product.

However, this intensive external safety test and quality assessment may extend the production duration, as the assessment is done beyond the means of our manufacturing partner.

We’re on a very tight deadline for shipping out to the early backers by this month. There may be unpredictable occurrences like custom clearance and such when the factory delivers the product to us but fingers crossed we hope that everything will be right on schedule. But there is a possibility that it could fall in early January. In any case, we will try our very best to ship out the NITELANDING as soon as we can.

Importantly we can’t thank you enough for being on this journey with us from the very beginning and help us revisit our moment from 30,000 ft. in the air!